Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Newest of the New.

OK. Here is finally a new post worth mentioning. I got some new work to show off and at least a mention of really cool things coming down the pipe, notably in the realm of QR code tattoos, and a whole new angle on those as well as QRC marketing.

Anyway, the shop has been super busy, not to mention the management aspect. Getting back into a clear leadership role has been a bit of an adjustment for myself and the crew, we spent a year and a half at the Jade Monkey in a solo mode. Only being responsible for our own work and expenses. Now we are back to the team structure and relying on each other. I think it's going to be a good thing for us. Already we are beginning to work more efficiently and interdependently. I could not ask for a better crew.

Still sorting though my massive collection of image files, mostly the tattoo photos, still working on the portfolio as well as hunting pics for Collector Spotlights (a few of those just waiting for a couple of final pics before going up). Also working on the new marketing materials for Artistic; business card, fliers, website and wallpaper art.So much to do, so little sleep.

So on the with the pics!

Posted this one last night, but here is the proper image.
We'll start off with a few Cover up/Clean up pieces.

Then we have a few Works in Progress. These pieces are some of my favorites, so even though they arent finished, I'll show where I am at anyway. All three of these tattoos will end up as Collector spotlights.

Quite the fun piece. the dynamic lighting in this design is really what is going to make it pop. Still have a ways to go.

I've posted pics of the Sentinel Piece before. just getting back in on this piece, Snowboard season is over... Cant wait until I get to color the Squids!

A few more sessions to go on this, the Walking  Dead tribute piece. we'll see how the highlights heal  up, then put the finishing touches on this sucker.

And finally, an assortment of other fun tattoos I've done in the past couple of weeks.
They wanted matching dragon tattoos. He didn't want a pink dragon.

An interesting combination of Islanders: Polynesian and Japanese .

I heard Chuck Norris was in all six Star Wars movies... as the force! ha!

Actually a fix up piece, but I think the before image is irrelevant, it stands well on it's own.

The Gargoyle Pirate. Based on characters from the Gargoyles series oh so long ago. All healed up and done.
So there it is, that's what I've got. I may do a few more off schedule posts, but don't hold your breath.... ha!

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Haven't posted in a while... been too busy with revamping ArtisticTattoo, an increase in work, and a fresh bout of chaos and bullshit on top of it. The past couple of months have been quite a ride... to make up for it, I'll TRY to post a fews things off schedule.

Here is a pic of a recent tattoo.

Also don't forget to check on our new Artistic site from time to time as we plan to start updates and all that soon.