Sunday, September 8, 2013

Portfolio update: Proto Cover V1

This is going to rock!

   Here is the prototype cover for my portfolio so far. I am really excited to finish this thing, you have no idea!

   I don't think there will be much else to do with it, it's alright as it is now, I think, until someone points out some glaring mistake that I missed, and then I will redesign the entire thing. Though as simple as this cover design is, I'm confident that this is the final design as much as it is the prototype.

   I still have those last few pages to work out; an intro page, and a back page where all my social media urls and "thank yous" will go.

   I have been using the photobook builder for this project. not too bad really... I am still figuring things out as I go, so I do have to backtrack from time to time, but it's an intuitive process. They have a lot of presets and make general layout really easy. However, I am thankful that there is the option to upload full page graphics, as their fonts, layout and lettering options are far too limited for my purposes.

   As you may have noticed, the title of the portfolio is the same as this blog. not an accident as I think they are kind of extensions of each other, or at least that is my plan down the road. As I complete the book, I intend to redo the header graphics and backgrounds for much of my social media pages, unifying all of this stuff visually. it's been a while anyway, and it all could use a little updating.

   Back to work! I hope to wrap up these last bits for the portfolio in the next few days, and get a proof copy in my hands as soon as possible!

Thanks for reading!

Monday, September 2, 2013

A bit of a preview...

This is the art for the cover of my tattoo portfolio. Although a pic of a bad ass tattoo would be an obvious choice for a portfolio of tattoos, but I wanted to show something on the cover that no one tattoo could quite show. so there it is.

I like it.

  I still have a few more things to do with this piece before it is totally finished. and then a few odd pages in the book, and it will finally be ready for a proof sample, where I will make sure everything is the way I want it to be, then. finally publish. yay. I have been working on this new portfolio more more than half a year, and I am finally getting close to completing it!

  And afterward I have a list of side projects that I will be working on completing. one at a time. All of which you will see here.

thanks for looking!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

How long is TOO long?

It has been WAY, way too long since I have been on here. and though I intend on working more on this blog, I have had many other priorities that have kept me away. Though I have amassed lots of new stuff to publish and show off, I have been focused on specific projects not including my usual tattoo work. I have a childrens book I have been working on for more than a year or two, and then on top of that a set of Tarot cards, and a few other story projects with various collaborators.

I plan to post and show pics and other examples of these projects. mostly in the hopes to promote and make them more known, as these projects will eventually become "products"

So much has been going on in the world, and my own life that I have been chomping at the bit to express and reveal here, but then, time has been short, and bills high. However as part of my new "master plan" I will be working the blog back into my routine. Showcasing the collectors of my tattoos, ideas on culture and society and a few doodles or odd drawings along the way.

I hope that the few people still reading this blog find a reason to return.

thanks for reading!