Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tattoos Tattoos Tattoos!!!

Just worked on these pieces last night.

First off, Justin's Dragon on his Ribs. Still have about 3 hours to go, but we got a lot done on this considering I had been tattooing for about 7 hours before starting this thing last night, and it was 1am. if he hadn't have come to Phoenix from Vegas to get the tat, he would have been rescheduled.

 Duke's Gas mask this piece really turned out bad ass! I was quite impressed with myself after finishing this thing. took about 2.5 hours done all in one session.

And finally, the samurai back piece. There will be more on this piece once It's done, we still have a bit of fine tuning, and to finish the flag. The Castle, based on the Himjei(sp?) Castle in Japan, was the crown jewel of this tattoo. I have been waiting 2 years to finally color that thing! And it was worth the wait!

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