Monday, August 29, 2011

QR Code Tattoos

It seems that my QR Codes tattoos have been outshined by K.A.R.L in Paris, with his "animated" tattoo... Meh. Of course, I think mine are better in that the codes are much more complicated. Though I will admit the animation link concept is pretty cool, and most definitely the more aesthetic design around the code. I will give him that. And his video presentation blows mine out of the water... bastard.

Anyway. Here's the well known pic of the Qr Code tat I did, check my previous post about QR Codes for links and pictures to others I did. and of course, the Alex Jones you tube clips

Bummer tho, the K.A.R.L. video has gotten more than 1.7 million hits on you tube, while mine (on Alex Jones) has only gotten 18k. Guess I need to be more famous to get more credit. *sigh*

In other news: Sketchbook #2 will be available soon for purchase, and more Webcomics coming soon!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Sketchbook2 Cover v1

This is the cover to my second Sketchbook. At least for now. If anyone has any opinions, please let me know!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Collector Spotlight #9 Jeremy's Family Crest

This Collector Spotlight is a piece that one of my biggest collectors is wearing, I've done 11 tattoos on him in less than three years, and only one of those tattoos, his first, could be considered "simple" Since then, Jeremy has always been a good friend and was indispensable in opening The original Jade Monkey tattoo shop! So anyway, this was probably his 5th or 6th piece that we did. A modern concept Family Crest on his chest.
We started with a t-shirt Jeremy liked and wanted to use as the basis of the design. then with his classic family crest, we designed a new version that included his kids names and birth dates.
With a finished design, we did a rough grey line as a foundation. This is not the type of tattoo that gets finished all at once. We use the grey line to establish a "permanent" stencil to work off of in the skin, without worrying about losing the temporary thermograph stencil. The grey lines will disappear into the whatever colors we use for the tattoo, and cleaner,darker line work added as we go. The basic outline alone took about 2 1/2 hours.
 With the basic outline done and healed, we started with the crest in the center, and worked out way out. One of the reasons for this was to keep the piece looking "balanced" while it was in progress.
 Again, in this shot, as with the rest of the tattoo, balance was one of the deciding factors in where to work next. Each session of this tattoo took about 2 hours, and each element was generally done as it's own session.
 So we went back and forth, from side to side, session after session to complete the color, shade and secondary outline as we went. The individual complexity of each element of the design really required me to slow down while working layers of detail into each section. One of the things I learned while working this piece,was how to handle such a complex and varied design and the logistics of how to progress through it.
 Another reason we took this sectional approach was that we didn't have to wait for anything to heal, and were able to do many of these sections while others were still healing. I seem to be missing a picture or two through the entire progress. not sure why, but that's nothing new. although I have made major progress in reorganizing my file system, it still has a ways to go.
 One trouble with doing a large, symmetrical tattoo this way, is that one side may be just a degree of tone or shade different from the other, and it can show. That became a challenge with this piece to the degree that I had to compensate for it, even doing touch up sessions to balance some of the colors better. I have avoided this in future pieces by completing sections of a large tattoo that have to match in the same session, and also just by developing a sharper eye toward minor, but detectable coloring and shading discrepancies.
So this is it. A hell of a chest piece, and the first full chest piece tattoo that I have done. Not often you get someone willing to go this far with a piece on the chest, especially with this amount of detail. People often wonder if a tattoo like this hurts. All tattoos hurt, just at different degrees. A tattoo on the sternum or the collarbone can be some of the most painful places on the body. To get a tattoo in places like these is a commitment to pain and art. Coming back for 6-7 sessions in these areas requires a level of discipline and crazy few could understand. And Jeremy, we completely tattooed both sides of his ribs after his chest, so it didn't slow him down a minute,

Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's called "KnotBone"

I don't know why, but I like weird, descriptive names for my pieces. Usually two words. And I'm not really much for "untitled" pieces, or bullshit existential names for art pieces. But I do think they should have a name. I take an odd appraoch by choosing obvious aspects of the piece and mash them together, hopefully in a clever way that will be remembered.

Anyway. Here's the new painting: KnotBone

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It's called "HandBone"

Did this last night in between tattoos. Finally using my "twistedbone" look. I had a lot of fun working on it, but I really feel it could have been better. The composition of the piece overall is just not there. I have another one in the works, a bit bigger. this piece is 10x14 acrylic. and will be for sale.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wallpapers for desktop and PSP backgrounds

Most of these are old as hell, some were made for Chop Shop Comics. Which is in the works for a revival (the band is getting back together to start making comics and stuff again!) Others I made just cause I could.

All of these can be downloaded right off the image (just right click and choose "save as" - as if you didn't know how to steal a picture off the internet) Take this as permission to use for personal use, but thats it!

Enjoy! and let me know what you think of these!
-Sorry I didn't check and list the dimension sizes for these, I'm lazy. Most are 1024x768, some may be bigger. The PSP wallpapers are all standard size for the PSP.

Desktop Wallpapers:

 The First Jade Monkey Wallpaper - Pretty basic, I know... I will be making more elaborate versions soon.
 Boom, from Simple. This depicts a scene that include Spontaneous Bob and a ToaStar Mech.
 My Character from Art school: Boom. I created this guy back in 96-97 along with the other characters from Simple, Tom, Stinky, Smiley-Man, and Ember.
 A Chop Shop Comics Wallpaper.
 Another Chop Shop Comics Wallpaper.
 Desiderata. I have already posted this essay on the blog. This is the wallpaper I made for it years ago.
 This one is called Nemesis1 The design was also used in my sketchbook. Skribbles Sketches and Skulls
 This is the Satyr Bat. an odd character I had come up with years ago and din't put to much use... The "3" design is a personal logo of mine, kind of like the Chaos Symbol I use for my profile pic.
 Another Boom piece from the Simple Comic. you'll be seeing more of this guy in the Sleight of Mind Webcomic.
This was a promo Wallpaper for our Dramatic Tragedy story: "A suicide story" I hope the title doesn't give it away... We will be making our older Chop Shop Comics available again soon for online ordering. They just didnt have that sort of thing when we started doing indy comics. ahhh, if only we had on demand publishing back in 2002.

The PSP Backgrounds
 Boom From Simple.
Blood Coral
 Mayan Chaos v1
 Mayan Chaos v2 This one was optimized for the XMB of the PSP system. It's the Background I use on my psp.
 The Chop Shop Comics psp background.
 BoneSkull and BarCode - I don't use this skull design much anymore. An old friend plagiarized it, and now it just isn't as cool to me anymore...
 As always. Motherfucking TESLA! this is the psp background version of my tribute poster the greatest scientist of all time! Fuck Edison!
And the SatyrBat. just a simple background.

I had thought of stretching these out a bit, and only posting a few at a time, or really milking it, and just do one at a time. but I'm not into that, and besides this all old stuff... still fun to show off and share, but hardly key pieces in my collection to bring attention to.
I hope everyone enjoys these. I still rock them all!

- I'll be making new ones soon, if anyone has any requests or fun Ideas for a desktop/psp wallpaper, let me know in the comments!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Everything is Not Going to be Okay

The quote in the title is from a sticker I have, stuck to my tattoo toolbox. Last night I watched a movie that used the line to great effect. It really seemed to be the core of the entire movie. The Movie "The Beaver" With Mel Gibson was much better than I expected it would be - I thought it was going to be contrived garbage, but I think it's one of the more personally meaningful movies I have seen. (Next to Fight Club and Limitless).

For me, the quote is an important reminder about the realities of life.I think what screws up a lot of people nowadays is the glamour of tv/movie lifestyles and teh cultural desire to always be #winning. When real life, for pretty much everyone, rich and poor, is mostly a tragedy, one that we hope will be redeemed, or we seek small beauties within it, or simply find ways to cope... We've become intolerant to reality because of too much fantasy and diversion. And I think this "condition" makes life even more difficult for people than it generally is. We become crazy or controlling or disassociate... we become disillusioned toward what life can be, and our own power to change it.

SO... I think it's a healthy reminder that.... and in being mindful of the chaos and uncertainty of life, we will appreciate the true miracles all around us: family and friends, honesty and compassion, trust and tolerance...

so remember that everything is not going to be okay, that life is not guaranteed, for anyone, to any degree. That we all live with tragedy and disappointment. If you can keep that in mind, and still remain positive and optimistic about life, then you will be okay, even when everything else isn't.

Oh, and here is a wallpaper I made a while back. I got a few more cool wallpapers and PSP backgrounds I will make available later tonight.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Collector Spotlight #8 Various2

Again, just an assortment of tattoos I have done in the past. still working on a regular collector spotlight, but those take a bit of time. I've been recollecting and reorganizing all of my image files, which is taking a lot of time, but I want to make sure I have all the images for a given piece before showing another spotlight. It bugs me that I can't show all the stages of some of these more complicated pieces.

so on with the show... These are some older piece that I really like still, and figured it wouldnt hurt to keep showing them off. ha!
This is a skull I more than a few years back. always liked it tho.

And I really got a kick out of doing this DrPepper piece. This guy is a true fan!
And another pop-culture piece. The B.A.D. are initials and have nothing to do with Pooh being "bad" ha! 
This coverup was a real challenge, as there was no way (in my opinion) to salvage the old Taz. So we went with an entirely new one. This piece got me a job offer in Hawaii, so that was a hell of a boost to my ego.
Another coverup, this one is actually on the same guy as the Taz coverup, other arm. looking at it now tho, I think a bit of black and dark brown wouldn't hurt in the center of the phoenix to help cover the parrot still, and create some depth and interest in the Phoenix. 
And this cool little bunny is a custom I did on a good friend, Jolena. I just love abused/damaged stuffed animals... I dont know why. maybe it's because they are disturbing and cute at the same time....

So there's some older pieces for you. looking at some of these, I can see how I have improved since then, and really makes me excited to keep learning, and improving in all aspects of my work. In the skin and on paper or canvas!