Monday, February 21, 2011

Spider-Man Reboot
so there is the link my brother sent me on the subject, likely knowing my level of interest. (Disclosure: I am a HUGE childhood Spider-Man fan, back before it was cool, in fact learning how to draw by tracing and copying pictures of spider-man from my comic books)

First, My take on the three Sam Raimi movies is simple. #1 was okay, not bad, Goblin could have been better. #2 kick ass perfect, Molina simply rocked Doc Ock and it the movie had more memorable characters than any of them. #3... Venom should have been saved for a #4 film, and Emo Parker was ridiculous as well as all of the cinematic rehashing from the first movie. SFX were pretty fun tho.

So as far as what I saw on the page the link above leads to... I like the costume... though I'm still thinking it looks a bit expensive/complex for a teenage kid to have crafted, even a genius kid, Parker was clever, but a poor kid. Glad to see the actual webshooters, but at the same time, the natural ones made more sense to me, as a power.

As for being a "sorta" reboot, I say shit or get off the pot, in order for the new movies to have their own identity (and they need it) they shouldn't be tied to the bullshit of Spiderman3 (Spider-Man1 is pretty much Cannon, no real reason to deviate from it)

and hopefully that guy from social network pulls off a better Parker than Tobey.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

it's getting better

Just got a smartphone. seems though that I can't blog from it, at least I don't know how. I'm also on Twitter @levitattoo for those that are into that.

The tattoo biz is doing well, at least in the regard of my work. the most notable sleeves I'm working on are a Modern Army sleeve, and a Marine Corps sleeve, both are quite detailed and have been a lot of fun researching the different elements for each. once i have the full outlines finished for each of them, I'll be posting pics here.

I am also at a bit of a fork in the road as it concerns comics, I've had been working on a graphic novel called "Maze" up till about two years ago, when things got crazy with leaving Artistic Tattoo and starting up the Jade Monkey, but now I'm itching to work on some comics material and I can't decide. The quality of work for "Maze" is not where it could be, especially since my skills have naturally gotten better in the past two years, and I wouldn't mind doing something different, not as big, before I get back into "Maze". And I have have a subject I would love to work on: Vlad Tepes of Dracula fame. yet it seems that there is already a movie in the works about Vlad that is being produced by Brad Pitt and by the production company that did Twilight *shudder* and really I don't think I could "beat" them in a release, not that I'm even in the same arena. So I think the Vlad story is out the window, too bad, I really enjoy the completely twisted nature of that true life character.

And then again, it's been a personal rule of mine to not ever re-do anything I've done, it's always better to move forward and work on whats next than to go back and rework old material.... but, if I do that with "Maze" I really feel that there would be a disconnect between the beginning and everything new I do, and that it may interrupt the story, a change in art, like changing the artist in a comic story, or better yet, changing a cast member in in a tv series.

That and Dawn, My wife, has never really liked the "look" of the main character, Adin, and has tried to get me to rework that aspect. A total reboot tho would enable me to do that (she is right to a degree) and allow me to get around the worry that any new material produced would clash with the older work.

So it seems then, that I should focus on rebooting "Maze" and not worry with other comics projects until this story is done, I do mean to finsh it after all...