Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tattoos Tattoos Tattoos!!!

Just worked on these pieces last night.

First off, Justin's Dragon on his Ribs. Still have about 3 hours to go, but we got a lot done on this considering I had been tattooing for about 7 hours before starting this thing last night, and it was 1am. if he hadn't have come to Phoenix from Vegas to get the tat, he would have been rescheduled.

 Duke's Gas mask this piece really turned out bad ass! I was quite impressed with myself after finishing this thing. took about 2.5 hours done all in one session.

And finally, the samurai back piece. There will be more on this piece once It's done, we still have a bit of fine tuning, and to finish the flag. The Castle, based on the Himjei(sp?) Castle in Japan, was the crown jewel of this tattoo. I have been waiting 2 years to finally color that thing! And it was worth the wait!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh yeah... the tattoos.

Some recent pieces of random assortment.
1. a puzzle heart for Autism on the wrist
2. Hibiscus on a foot
3. Brazilian/Canadian flag on shoulder
4. Archangel playing poker on the back. WIP
5. Scroll and coin on head. Piercer B-Birds head, other side matches, WIP (more on this piece when it's finished)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

2012, The paradigm shift.

     It is well  known that I am a fan of "End Times" literature and fantasy, from Nostradamus to Biblical Prophecy, as well as other religious apocalypse theory. Maybe it's my generation (all the movies, and shit like Y2K, 2012, Rapture, and Singularity) and all the strange books my Dad had on the subject (and now my own collection of doomsday books). I've been thinking about the end of the world since I lost my younger brother Scotty in a car accident at the age of 7.  Before anyone ever heard of Dec 21, 2012. The date the Mayan calendar ends it's longest cycle, the Long Count. And though I recognize that this interest is also a product of pop culture (comic books, movies, TV) I have always had a strange sense that it would happen in my lifetime.

First. I do not believe that the world will end on 12.21.2012, but I do believe the date holds signifigance; as it is after the "galactic year" of our solar systems revolution through the galaxy (Jan. 5, 1999 - Oct. 28, 2011), it marks the most significant astrological and astronomical event in our lifetimes. What I find most interesting though is not the end date of the Long Count, but the the start of this current cycle that ends with 12.21.2012, 3114 BCE.

3100 BCE was a very interesting time periods in human history, perhaps one of the most important: The majority of our knowledge of our own past fits into this 5126 year period. This was the time humans first developed cuniform writing, Egyptian hieroglyphs and early chinese writing. The First Egyptian Dynasties started (unification of upper and lower Egypt). This was also the time period in which early pyramids were built, Copper came into use for tools, more advanced systems of irrigation, canals building and megalithic structures such as Stonehenge were being built around the world by, what we would consider, primitive societies. Not to mention developments in agriculture. Also the first concepts of Biblical monotheism were developed in Ancient Egypt. Clearly, a very dramatic change happened to human development and civilization at this time, a paradigm shift that changed the way humans lived and related to the world around them, leading directly to the world we live in today. These changes didn't happen all at once or in a flash, as historical record shows these things were happening over a 200-500 year period throughout regions of the world, independantly (or so it would seem).

So what do I think this all means? well, Take a look at what is going on now: Incredible advances in digital and biological technology, changes in global power structures (the reorganization of wealth from USA to China). Dramatic changes in religion (new, and sometimes extreme interpretations of the monotheistic faiths  - Christian, Muslim and Jewish). Dynamic changes are happening all around us, and for the  first time, we all can watch the global shifts from TV and the internet. The information is so available, it's difficult to sift through it all to see what is meaningful. And also, it seems that all of the worlds worst case scenarios. the obvious factors that would lead us to certain doom (War, Famine, Disease and Death) are all weekly realities in our time. The Internet is like a modern Tower of Babel, reaching for God as we understand him, all knowing, all present. With this power and access in the hands of common people, even more knowledge is brought to light. allowing us to put pieces of the "puzzle" together, revealing a pattern of entropy and change that is just as unavoidable now, as it was in the days of Rome.

We are just starting to find other planets in other solar systems, further increasing the likelihood that we are not alone, and still showing how rare the miracle of our own world is. We are learning that structures built 5000 years ago are so complex and made with such precision, we couldn't reproduce the work today. More and more evidence is coming to light of capabilites held by our ancestors that we have lost. The ancient stories of these ancestors are starting to become more recognizable to us, as we have entered a new age of technology and discovery, as stories of visitors from the heavens, often described as gods, entering and exiting the atmosphere, described as what we now recognize as jet propultion technology, as well as flying machines, communications abilites, advanced weaponry... all recognizable now, to the view of a post industrial human. Odd then, we find all of this evidence, revealing so much mystery in our past that couldn't even be noticed before the industrial revolution. There is still so much to learn about who and what "we" are.  

No the world is not ending. Though it is changing so dramatically that the world will "end as we know it" very soon I believe. considering technology and cosmological understanding, we will not be able to see the world as we have, either a divine creation or a random evolution. The veil is being lifted, science and technology are revealing that some ancient stories were very close to the truth, but that somewhere we forgot something very important about our own origins, the key to the questions we spend our time asking, seems to be intentionally lost, or specifically hidden (the tools found and thought to be used to build the pyramids, are now being questioned; "could ancient Egyptians really have carved granite stones weighing tons with copper chisels? and dragged them 100's of miles on wooden logs? Not very realistic when you think about it.)

The Singularity is an event described by Ray Kurzweil as a point of no return triggered by an incredible development in technological innovation; machines that are smarter than humans (A.I.). terrifying movie examples of this are Terminator and the Matrix, more exciting possibilities are shown in movies like Bicentennial Man and A.I. where the time before the singularity becomes irrelevant to the experience afterward. Imagine when everyone on the planet has total access to all the worlds knowledge at any given moment, anywhere in the world. We are so close to that right now, that we are already using the superstructure, reaching everyday toward this goal of omipresence and omniscience for everyone. New research is also leading to forms of potential immortality and powers over matter. like magic, or the powers of gods.

You dont need me to point out that the world is changing pretty fast right now, we can all feel it, changing  under our feet, everyday in flux, ideas and fears spread faster than ever, consumption is increasing and resources are delpeteing while record setting weather happens on a regular basis. Social and political divisions threaten to collapse or render governments useless. Corporate interests that threaten freedom and even the soverienty of nations. Conspiracies and theories of conspiracies to control the directions that human civilization moves in, or doesnt. in our "greatness" we have forgot that we are not in control, and that the forces of this earth, solar system, and galaxy are still at work, as they have always been, too powerful for humanity to comprehend. The forge of worlds, the power of gravity, entropy and angular momentum, create a process we can only understand long after it's happened.

2012 isnt a switch point. not in the sense that "everything changes" at the stroke of a clock at midnight, 12.21.2012. but I think something will be revealed to us that causes us to realize the next steps we must take, for our progress as civilization as well as for our own survival as a species. we will finally see the doors, and we will have to choose which one we go through.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Collector Spotlight #7: Elizabeth Ross' "Skull Princess"

Two Collector Spotlights, back to back... I dont know if the last one really counts, kind of a cheat really... anyway. I'm building momentum here...

This piece was done a while ago, and though I dont have progress pictures (not sure if I took them or not) it's still a great piece, and this one in particular, shows off a lot of line detail.
So this is the design. based off a pirate princess design provided by Elizabeth, we modified quite a bit, then mirrored the design for perfect symmetry.

 And the finished design. took about four sessions if I remember right. There is a small tribal design right above the crown, I didn't do that part, but you'll see it in the other pics.

Some closeup shots. I have always loved extreme detail in art, and just cant help to push what can be fit into a tattoo to it's limits.

This piece was done at Artistic Tattoo. I am currently working on a Gargoyle Pirate Princess on Elizabeth, progress of that can be tracked on my facebook.

Collector Spotlight #6: Various

These are pieces I did mostly at Artistic, a few years back now. Pretty much all of these were already prepared so it makes for an easy post today.

Matching Bentley Logos for Mark Bentley and his dad I was always really happy with how these turnedout. first time I had to do the same exact design twice. (only happens by request)

Carlos' Celtic Cross design. The initial "fix" we've since added color to the piece. but these pics shows how I had to redo and finish the design.

Ok. So Heathers Cameo isn't very old... just finished it a few months ago... the frame itself took like 3 hours to complete. the pic is a reproduction of a caricature that was done of Heather's mom (I think)

This one is also not very old at all. AK's Cross and Praying hands. All healed up.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tesla: the man who invented tomorrow.

Nikola Tesla is the shit, and most of the electrical technology we enjoy today was given to us by this incredible and strange scientist. Forget about Marconi and Edison. Tesla was the real deal.

I did this tribute poster years ago in honor of Tesla. I always wanted to more of these about preferred historical figures, but just never got to it. maybe someday...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Go placidly amid the noise and the haste,
and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible, without surrender,
be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
and listen to others,
even to the dull and the ignorant;
they too have their story.
Avoid loud and aggressive persons;
they are vexatious to the spirit.
If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain or bitter,
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.
Exercise caution in your business affairs,
for the world is full of trickery.
But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
many persons strive for high ideals,
and everywhere life is full of heroism.
Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection.
Neither be cynical about love,
for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment,
it is as perennial as the grass.
Take kindly the counsel of the years,
gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.
Beyond a wholesome discipline,
be gentle with yourself.
You are a child of the universe
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you,
no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.
Therefore be at peace with God,
whatever you conceive Him to be.
And whatever your labors and aspirations,
in the noisy confusion of life,
keep peace in your soul. 
With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.
Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.

-- written by Max Ehrmann in the 1920s --

to me. this is one of the most important pieces of advice someone could ever receive.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Thinking about organization...

I am thinking I should start another, separate blog for family, personal stuff. I'm finding that I am posting the same shit in four different places online, and it's kinda lame.... I think I need each different "stop" to feature different content. Of course, I will keep a portfolio on Facebook and G+. And Deviant Art is great for posting imagery, but I like the "blog" aspect where I can put commentary to my work, and show all the stages. that doesnt seem to go over as well on other sites, cause people tend to spend a few seconds looking at each persons "thing" for the day. I seem to get real eyeball time with the blog... BUT I dont know if people that are coming here to look at art and stuff, really want to deal with pics of my kid, or political bullshiting. so maybe I will make another Blog, one for Family stuff (oddly I think it would be fun) and maybe keep the politics and philosophy on twitter and facebook.

But I dont know...

If G+ can actually combine a lot of stuff, that would be so awesome!

Enough! I have too much to do, to be dorking around here, wondering how many damn blogs I'm not going to update regularly. Ha!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

New power supply.

So I've been having a bit of trouble with my power supply lately, and finally replaced it with this bad ass little thing. And now everything is right as rain...

Sorry bout the orientation of the pic. This is all off my phone.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Just something that sat in the hallway of the shop for a few months.... with a bit of photoshop, it looks like a page out of the necronomicon.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Liberty's Montana Adventure!

Yes, here it is. FINALLY. We got the pics all sorted and the videos uploaded. Now it's time to show off Liberty's First trip to Montana.
Aside from the incredibly horrible experience of flying to Montana (the way back was worse) we had a really great time! My Dad more than just helped out with our expenses, he made the whole trip happen, all just to see this little girl he calls Granddaughter.

When we got into Livingston, my home town, it was the night of July 4th. Even though we got to see some fireworks from the plane and on the way into town, we arrived at my Uncle George's place just in time to catch the local fireworks finale. One of the best fireworks shows I've ever seen (it probably helped we were 500 yards from where they were launching them). Sorry there are no pics of the fireworks awesomeness, I think we were just glad to be done with our travel.

Afterward we hung out and did some visiting with Family. (LtoR: Me, My brother Colt, Cousin Tristan, Aunt Michelle, Uncle George, and the back of Cousin Seth's head).

And then of course, what the whole trip was really about. Introducing my Dad to his Grandbaby. I've never seen this man more happy than when he saw Liberty, it was quite a big deal, especially for a family that has been through, and lost so much...

But we had lots more adventuring to do, and only a short time to do it!
Grandma dancing with her new Grandbaby. My Mom had already seen Liberty on a previous trip to Phoenix, but Libby had grown so much, it was like meeting her all over again. My Mom tells me that I got her baby girl, I guess I did. Years ago she predicted that my first kid would be the girl she always wanted... I guess Mom's ARE right... most of the time. ha!
 Speaking of Mom's. Cant leave out this one, and her genius baby!
I'm serious about that genius baby bit. Just to show how genius my baby IS! She put that wicker purse on her own arm... she did have a hard time figuring out how to put stuff in the purse, but getting them out wasn't a problem at all. ha!
A few more pics of Liberty. I know I am biased, but through the entire trip, random people kept telling us how beautiful and well behaved Liberty is. (she sat through a 6 hour delay in the airport better than her Mom did.)
Grandpa gave her some ice cream, which she liked a lot, though not as much as the Mountain Dew that her Grandma gave her....
But we wont be letting her have any more Soda... now Liberty lunges and grabs for every can in her reach.

Liberty's Great-Grandma Doris. This pic was taken on the same step that I was sat on 30 years ago (I'll post pics of all that later). Dawn and I figured out at this point how to get Liberty to smile when we want her to. Dawn sings a phonetic version of the abc's song, which Liberty just loves hearing.  And we also had to make faces like this...
...and sometimes Liberty took a dive while posing for pictures. (almost) everything this little girl does is adorable.

And a couple of vids to prove it:
Liberty playing peek-a-boo on the plane.

And Liberty Laughing at Mommy Making piggy sounds.

We had a great time on this trip. Even though we didn't get to see everyone (sorry), and the flights to and from weren't very enjoyable (tho Liberty didn't mind) It was the best trip we have made to Livingston, and I'm sure we'll be making that trip a lot more often.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

I know... I know...

I (clearly) havent finished putting together the vacation post... but I hope to get that up tonight. just have a lot of tattoo work to get past first... a LOT of tattoo work. I would show you... but I dont have the time to take and upload the pics (I would be doing the vacation post if had that time.)

but here is something to get you by...

The Satyr Bat. An odd little guy. and as such deserves this random posting.