Friday, December 23, 2011

100th Blog Post!!!

I have done 100 of these blog posts and I think that is pretty cool. For a couple years, I've managed to keep this blog going, sometimes well, and sometimes not, but I've managed to keep it alive, and I hear a few people even check it out from time to time. I think I will keep this up, the blogging thing. though at the moment, I have very little to say, just more work to do.
I am exhausted, weary and overworked, and though at times all the odds seem against me, I would not trade my life for anything.

Thanks to everyone who reads my crap,and double thanks to all those people out there that let me draw on them permanently, you are more than clients or collectors, you are all friends, and also where I get all my good blog posts from.

There will be more Collector Spotlights (including a few about the collector as much as the work) and Design Galleries. Maybe a bit less political commentary and more philosophical musings. And of course the odd ball drawing or pic I feel like posting up. Instead of making crazy plans on how to maximize the blogpage, I think I will just keep up with what I've got going, and try to do it better,

Merry Christmas, good night, and see you on here next year!

Buddha in OM

As always, we've got to have a picture! This piece is available for tattoo, or something like it. 
Just give me a call! (602) 791-8396

Monday, December 19, 2011

TwistedBones BackBlades

Something cool I finished working on earlier today. been wanting to show it off properly.

"BackBlades" is all I could come up with for a name.

If you want to see more of my TwistedBone work, check out my sketchbooks. (links above) I also show tips on drawing these kind of pattern pieces.

Graphic Design: Business Cards

Before getting into tattoos, I did a lot of graphic design, and use those skills everyday when I am designing tattoos fro people, or working on a variety of projects. most of my professional background and official schooling is centered around graphic design (though I was a 3d animation major, that too was design)

I have been doing a lot of design work lately, most of which is commissioned work I can't yet show. I did however wanted to show off some of the most common private design work I do; business card design. and some t-shirt designs I would love to have hung up in my closet. after christmas (the timing is stupid, I know that) I'll work on adding some t-shirt designs to my cafe press store.

I have decided to separate this graphic design segment into a series of posts, spread it out a bit,  and then I can put more commentary into each section. This week will be the business cards, t-shirts next week, and more stuff after that! This may end up being a 4-5  post "mini series" segment. I will also use that time to put together a new tattoo post.

and as a small bonus, an album cover design.

A design for a Viking Folk Metal band, I had a lot of fun with this.

Business Cards - I cannot say how accurate the info is that is shown on these cards.

The Original Jade Monkey Design

The Comic house my friends and I started, the website has been down for some time tho.
Designed for a friend.

Some concrete guy.

Done my brother in law, who was starting an odd job kind of business with a friend of his.

Some of the Card designs I did while working at Artistic tattoo.
I always loved this look.

My first personal tattoo card.

This design was for my Tattoo Teacher.

This is a card design I never really got to use as I left Artistic shortly after finishing this. nice that  it gets a little time in the public view, I really like it (my current card is based of this design)

I really enjoy designing business cards, they are small, but have to communicate so much and are a vital part of anyone's personal marketing. A great challenge for any designer. If you don't have a card you're not very serious about what you do, and if your card looks boring or ill-conceived, then  you will seem that way as well. A business card is very often your first impression, and thus, your only one.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's hard out there for an Artist...

My First Portrait! Still fresh and incomplete, but I am very happy with how this has turned out so far.

Life doesn’t get any easier does it? The Tattoo biz is slow this time of year, in what has been the slowest year since I’ve gotten into tattooing. But then, I’ve never let something like that get in my way. I have been working on “other means” of income, something I didn’t worry so much about before my Daughter came into the world. But now it’s got to be a regular part of the game plan.

Vanessa's Lettering on the Ribs. We'll add "Aquetas" later.

I’ve been meaning to post some of my older projects, work I did before I got into tattoos, and I still plan to do so, but I have been pretty focused on getting more tattoo, and tattoo design work done, also putting together a new portfolio, something I’ve needed to do for a while now…

I still have my sketchbooks available through Superior Tattoo, and on Amazon as well, just follow the following links,   Book1       Book2  they make great Christmas gifts and can be a good source of ideas.

"God Speed"

I am also working on a set of Flash Art I will debut on This Site I am checking out. We’ll see if it turns out to be as cool as it claims, if so, you’ll find a lot of my work go up there.

I have also been working on a Sci-Fi novel, and a few other “hobby projects” that I will have to set aside for a bit as I get a few of these other tattoo projects sorted out.

Unfortunately, I will have to make some changes to the way I do things come this New Year. Most of which I will explain as time goes by, as things are still up in the air. “Evolve or Die” is the motto of the day! And I got a Baby to feed.  

Always felt this piece needed some musical notes...
A very cool Tree!
Of course what would a Blog post be without some pics to see, after all, you’re not here to read my babbling bullshit, but check out my work. At least, I hope you are. ha!

Most of these pics in this post are from a little ways back. But the Portrait, "Veritas" and this Tree here are pretty recent. Just looking to mix it up a bit.

I've been finishing up some large projects, a few back pieces and sleeves that are finally getting buttoned up. once I can get some good healed pics, I'll do a few new collector spotlights. - Bad ass band, everyone should check them out!