Wednesday, October 26, 2011


My younger Brother Colt is living with us now. He brought with him a game that is the worst possible kind of game to expose me to. Minecraft is a "sandbox" game, meaning you can do whatever you want in the environment with no set objectives or point, so it can never be "beaten" or finished. Combine that with an procedurally generated, infinite environment that is fully modifiable, and I have no defense. Just an incredible game that has got me spending all my free time creating whatever comes to mind...

Just a few pics of the game: 

The Menu. The yellow text is random and often funny, or weird.

I decided to make a floating castle in the game. And like anything else "art project" I had to design it on paper first.
My Castle Drawing

The finished design.

and this is why I should not ever play this game again... it is just too much fun.

At least this game has done one positive thing- I feel more creative and energized, and the psychological release from being totally consumed by the game has been a hell of a stress relief.

But now. Back to some REAL work. Tattoo's Comic strips, blog posts. Thinking of posting more of my comic book work as well.

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