Thursday, March 15, 2012

News Update

Massive upheaval in the personal life lately. I have faith everything will work out for the best though....

In other, less vague news, The new(old) Shop is doing very well, and we're continuing our improvements and efforts step by step. We'll have a bit of construction as we take on structural improvements, so there will be a day or two of disruption as we can't expose our finest canvas' to dust and chemical exposure. Updates on when that will happen will be posted on our facebook page

Also, getting the new website up and running. you can check that out here.

Otherwise, I'm swamped with new custom designs, and many that have taken far too long to get worked out... Lots of work with the shop, getting the new branding underway, along with planning construction, events and a marketing machine, putting together new designs and materials... Still have so much to do...

So not much to this weeks post. I just don't have time to put in a decent bit. maybe I'll do another SkullHead and Bunny midweek.

I have a new rule about the blog. I will not do a post without a picture. regardless if it's related.

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