Saturday, November 21, 2015

Setup time

Im starting the planning phase, now that i have decided to do this patreon thing and transition my biz to accommodate all the other art i produce (and want to produce)

So im setting up a website where everything will go up in a central location, and also the patreon page which will work as a "command center"

These things wont be ready for a while.

Im thinking right now, that my launch date will be somewhere in jan/feb, when i will go full public. In the meantime, i want to build up the routines to keep up the production concept i have,  and maybe allow a few "beta followers" to test things out on.

Once it all gets going, i dont know if i will maintain this or other blogs, as i dont want my presence spread out so far i cant manage it, or keep up with it.

Step by step. First I've set up the patreon and got a squarespace account to build a website.  I have a few projects on my plate intended to be Launch Content, and a list of designs to build for my social media to promote and push attentuon toward the new site.

I can do this. I know i can. I think is the direction i need to go next, and im excited for it in ways that i havent been in a long time. Even aside from the patreon aspect. I am ready to put out the work i have been waiting for.

Thanks for reading!!!

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