Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Here is a proposed solution to the problems faced by the united states: mass free education. From K thru PHD. Total free education (on a state level, ivy league schools could still charge for "premium" quality) in fours years i bet you'll see employment rise, innovation and efficiency skyrocket, lower prison attendance, drug use and crime would drop and poverty and entitlement programs shrink, cities would clean up and be improved, All while our populace becomes better informed and educated as is better able to vote and make good decisions for their lives, children and society. Our gdp would increase and we would have the most valued export in the world: experts. This solution is good for the people, free education means better life options in every aspect. For govt you'll have smarter, better qualified workers and a more honest electorate. For business, you will have better qualified workers and increased efficiency, not to mention loads of new innovation. The quality of what we do and how we do it will be improved.
This solution isn't going to solve crime, poverty, drug use, corrruption, exploitation or war, but likely it would minimize those things and make them a rarity in our society instead of our average, everyday lives... it wont lead to a utopia, or crush religion, or stamp out ignorance and intolerance, but it would make the difference in a civil, well balanced society where freedom (only truly understood with education) is the domination philosophy governing the system and cultures of our people.

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