Friday, August 12, 2011

Everything is Not Going to be Okay

The quote in the title is from a sticker I have, stuck to my tattoo toolbox. Last night I watched a movie that used the line to great effect. It really seemed to be the core of the entire movie. The Movie "The Beaver" With Mel Gibson was much better than I expected it would be - I thought it was going to be contrived garbage, but I think it's one of the more personally meaningful movies I have seen. (Next to Fight Club and Limitless).

For me, the quote is an important reminder about the realities of life.I think what screws up a lot of people nowadays is the glamour of tv/movie lifestyles and teh cultural desire to always be #winning. When real life, for pretty much everyone, rich and poor, is mostly a tragedy, one that we hope will be redeemed, or we seek small beauties within it, or simply find ways to cope... We've become intolerant to reality because of too much fantasy and diversion. And I think this "condition" makes life even more difficult for people than it generally is. We become crazy or controlling or disassociate... we become disillusioned toward what life can be, and our own power to change it.

SO... I think it's a healthy reminder that.... and in being mindful of the chaos and uncertainty of life, we will appreciate the true miracles all around us: family and friends, honesty and compassion, trust and tolerance...

so remember that everything is not going to be okay, that life is not guaranteed, for anyone, to any degree. That we all live with tragedy and disappointment. If you can keep that in mind, and still remain positive and optimistic about life, then you will be okay, even when everything else isn't.

Oh, and here is a wallpaper I made a while back. I got a few more cool wallpapers and PSP backgrounds I will make available later tonight.

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  1. I so agree with this! Every day I wake up and think: today may not be a good day, but I am going to do my best to make it as lovely as possible. Never do I think this negative, rather realistic, and positive from my own point of view. I fight for everything I have in this world, and enjoy every small moment of happiness because of it. Perhaps because I don't engage in any of the false realities thrown at us by media, is why I acknowledge the real truths of everyday existence...and why I still love reading for my escapism...and yet no way in Hell am I watching another Mel movie, his suckage just gets in the way...