Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Collector Spotlight #8 Various2

Again, just an assortment of tattoos I have done in the past. still working on a regular collector spotlight, but those take a bit of time. I've been recollecting and reorganizing all of my image files, which is taking a lot of time, but I want to make sure I have all the images for a given piece before showing another spotlight. It bugs me that I can't show all the stages of some of these more complicated pieces.

so on with the show... These are some older piece that I really like still, and figured it wouldnt hurt to keep showing them off. ha!
This is a skull I more than a few years back. always liked it tho.

And I really got a kick out of doing this DrPepper piece. This guy is a true fan!
And another pop-culture piece. The B.A.D. are initials and have nothing to do with Pooh being "bad" ha! 
This coverup was a real challenge, as there was no way (in my opinion) to salvage the old Taz. So we went with an entirely new one. This piece got me a job offer in Hawaii, so that was a hell of a boost to my ego.
Another coverup, this one is actually on the same guy as the Taz coverup, other arm. looking at it now tho, I think a bit of black and dark brown wouldn't hurt in the center of the phoenix to help cover the parrot still, and create some depth and interest in the Phoenix. 
And this cool little bunny is a custom I did on a good friend, Jolena. I just love abused/damaged stuffed animals... I dont know why. maybe it's because they are disturbing and cute at the same time....

So there's some older pieces for you. looking at some of these, I can see how I have improved since then, and really makes me excited to keep learning, and improving in all aspects of my work. In the skin and on paper or canvas!

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