Monday, September 19, 2011

Collector Spotlight #10 Robert Wright's THOR

Damn it's been a while since I've done one of these. Probably should try to do them more often. The Collector Spotlights are the primary content for my blog after all. Actually, I have been going through ALL of my photos, and sorting things out to put together a new physical portfolio, something I haven't done in two years. and the mountain of pics I have to go through is ridiculous! But it must be done. 
As a result though, I was able to dig up a few great candidates for some new CS posts, and hope to get them all posted up soon.

Ok, on to the piece. This has been one of my favorite comic book pieces I've done (close second to the first Goon piece, only cause I like the Goon comic more than Thor Comics, sorry Rob,but it's true)
However, this is still one of my most favorite tattoos I have done, simply because I am a comic book geek. 
Rob however is a huge Thor Fan, and wanted to get this piece as soon as the word "Thor" was whispered in the lots of Hollywood. Keep in mind, this tattoo is more than two years old at time of posting, and Thor was still in casting. I remember talking to Rob when they were putting the cast together, he was worried that Chris Hemsworth would be too small. Ha! I thought it was cool though, how they made Anthony Hopkins's Odin bigger than Thor in the movie. Which was bad ass I might add. I was pretty skeptical at first, with the mythology aspect and especially the Rainbow Bridge.

On to the Spotlight!
The initial sketch here was inspired by a piece that Michael Turner (RIP) did a while back, that just rocked it. So in respect to Turner, I re-imagined the piece. We changed the uniform up (I'm not a fan of the classic Thor costume) and I was quite happy with myself that our revamp was so close to the movie version, even down to the choice in scale mail style (though my coloring is more comic book, than the movie)
Fresh outline and Shading. Rob swelled quite a bit here. but unknown to us at the time, Rob was dealing with a medical condition that was affecting how his body was able to handle the procedure. The whole thing was about 20x more painful for him, and his skin reacted in pretty dramatic ways (swelling, bleeding, redness so intense it was hard to gauge the color saturation I was getting). Through all of this Rob sat like a stone, even though he threatened to hurt me back many times.
Nice little close up of the greyshade version.
The Coloring took more than a few sessions, though I cant find all the staged out coloring photos (surprised?) But as you can see, i went with a much more comic book color palette here, the movie wasn't even out when we did this, or it may have influenced our color choices, but Rob here is a true fan, and wanted this piece done before the movie was released.
A Few close ups of the color details of the finished piece.
We did end up finishing the rocks, but I never got a picture of that... must have forgot... forgive me, I am an artist.
Rob has since moved to Utah, where apparently there is better work and bigger tires for him to toss around. Rob is a body builder who is into the Strong Man Competitions. Not the "cosmopolitan, oiled up" weightlifter type, he's more the "shot-put a Buick kind of guy".
One of my oldest and Best friends, this guy has saved my ass so many times without batting an eye or hesitating a second. I will never be able to repay him, even if I lived a thousand years. If you got this guy in your corner, than you got nothing to worry about. And on a side note, he was also the very first person to commission a piece of art from me and pay for it. I'll get that drawing to you one of these days bro!

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