Friday, September 2, 2011

Fuck August, oh and Fractals are cool

Man... August sucked. Like, every day of the month.

We had 110'+ heat for 31 consecutive days here in Phoenix, for August, the hottest August in AZ history. Yeah, you do the math on that one Just the quiet backdrop for this part of the world, hardly newsworthy compared to everything else going down in the world; Hurricane Irene, the incredible Tornadoes across the midwest (Joplin, Tuscaloosa), Virginia/Eastern US Quake, Texas Wildfires, Lybian and Syrian Violence, Endless political bullshit, the stock markets of world falling like a base jumper.... I'm sure I have forgotten a few disasters in that laundry list of horror. but I make my point.

It's so small in light of the broader scope of things I've more appt cancellations than ever this month, my 7 month old Daughter has been sick for two weeks, my lovely wife nearly bled to death and spend 4 days over a week and a half in the hospital (not really getting into that further here). I lost a ton of work looking after baby while Dawn was in the hospital, not to mention the shitty side effects of said bad times: worry, stress, confusion, financial hardship, and total loss of sleep...  I feel like I am whining, here. not my style. But it's for a point, so bear with me.

I think there is a pattern here. And though this already sounds like some bullshit self centered Truman Show crap, claiming that my life and it's small problems correlate with the global catastrophe that is regularlly occurring. But I am not using some "coincidence = causality" bullshit here, neither do I think JUST my life is a mirror of larger events. but that ALL of our lives. individually and collectively, are patterns within the pattern that makes up the grand design of the fabric of reality.

What I am talking about are Fractal Patterns.

Fibonacci sequences and computer fractal patterns exhibit a really interesting phenomenon regarding how patterns can repeat and express the whole of pattern/equation in any and every part of the pattern itself. This a great visual representation of entaglement and interdepedecy theories, that make these concepts more tangible. These patterns have been shown, along with the Golden Ratio in Nature, Music, Physics, and are being broadened into many other systems to reveal patterns. Just watch the movie Pi. This isn't groundbreaking shit here, more like borrowed and reorganized ideas of other, far smarter people...

But my theory (and maybe it's not just mine) is that social, financial, and geopolitical patterns work the same way, and that the mircocosm mirrors the macrocosm. That the dischord we see in the big picture is a mirror of what we experience on a personal level. Like a digital mandala that reveals the patterns of the cosmos. To reveal that we really are connected, superconnected. That we are all one with everything, and that YOUR experience and expression, is the expression of the universe. We have only confused ourselves away from this realization, and have attempted to remove from ourselves the most intrinsic element of our being: that we are all in this together. So obvious, yet we ignore like the air we breath, we are only as good as the least of us.

I guess my point is that the problems we are facing right now are not unique to just ourselves, that we are all feeling this... zeitgeist. (look that up yourself) and that our isolation and hyper-individualism is the poison that is driving our nation and global civilization into turmoil, as it always has.

what will it take for all of us to see that we ARE our Brother's keeper, and that he is ours.

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