Monday, March 14, 2011

finally... a plan.

So it's been quite a week. My mom came down from Montana to visit and meet her granddaughter, Liberty. VERY cool. it was really nice to see my mom. I hadn't seen her in a few years. Now just to get my Dad and Brother to come down, but likely I'll be going up to Montana to see them. Thank you Joyce tho, for bringing my Mom down. that really meant a lot to me.

So. I'm WAY behind on my design work, and will be spending the next two days to get caught up to where I was supposed to be yesterday... but I suppose that will have to be ok.

In the meantime, I've been figuring out what to do with this blog. a way to keep things moving, with a sense of consistency...  so what I will be doing here is posting my tattoo work by collector. I will post images throughout the process (that I have) and add commentary explaining what the collector wanted, what I was thinking, doing, and how I did it for each tattoo. showing photos from beginning to end (or most current stage)

I'll start this next week, but from here I am going to list out the first round of Collectors. these aren't in any particular order, but are selected based on my own opinions about the piece, at the time I choose to post them.

First Round of Collectors are:
Lacy Dean: 1st Goon piece
Jeremiah Kaplan: Werewolf backpiece (done in Whitewolf tradition)
Jeremy Servais: (a)Lady Luck pinup (Jeremy has MANY tattoos by me, so I'll spread those out as separate projects)
Eric Duke: (a)Templar Knight (another collector with lots of tattoos by me, we'll deal with them as separate projects)

so no guarantee on the order I will do these, but the first one will up Sunday or Monday of next week.

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