Thursday, March 3, 2011


Just getting over being sick, and there is a TON of work to catch up on... new tattoo designs and an album cover for Black Metal Box and got some new tattoos to show off on my facebook page.

I've decided, with some good advice from my friend Kenny, that I will not redo Maze #1 and #2, but just move forward and finish Maze#3, and go on from there. I am still holding out though for and "remaster" when the graphic novel is finished...

Other News: looks like the Jade Monkey site will be going down, just as the Chop Shop Comics site has before it. But with shit like facebook, twitter, and deviant art, I think we wont miss the site for too long (it was a kick ass site tho)

We're doing an Art Show at the Shop Mar 25th. This one will be a much needed refocusing on the Art Show aspect of the party. I personally plan to get started early with some solo acrylic and spray-paint on canvas work and I think I have a few T-shirt Ideas as well.

well. I feel more focused and motivated than I have for at least 4 months... we'll see what I can do with it.

also got another sketchbook in the works, you can find my first one here.

I suppose that's it for now. I hope all the links work, it's easier than reposting stuff on the blog.

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