Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On today

For tattooing scannable qr code tattoos, I have made it to the "celebrity of conspiracies" attention Alex Jones of interviewed me, and making a point that by me tattooing qr codes, that I am adding to the socialization of digital scanning and tracking media and for establishing the acceptance of such technology. Well... I imagine if that was underway (and I don't argue that it isn't) I'm not so sure that my tattooing these codes as a novelty will hasten or slow the advances of those who would rule over us in tyranny. And on that note, I'm more worried about Disney and Google than the government,  the government isn't designed to run smoothly, it's designed to prevent one person or group to hold all the power. and that a minority can stall the majority in it's designs... the best thing about American government is that tyranny is almost impossible simply because no would agree on how we should be subjugated.

I agree with a lot of what Alex Jones talks about, but I still see one major factor in the world equation; Chaos. Unintended consequences are a bitch, and they tend to control more of what happens next than any major organization or government. The masons and buildibergs (sp?) didn't see the japanese quake coming, nor are they able to predict entirely what people will do or what this planet will do - I know that there are guys who are good at using algorithms and statistics to predict the future with great accuracy now, but they are not God, and the greatest misconception of humankind is that we have any control of what is going on. it may look like it from time to time, especially when the world is calm as it relatively is (there have always been catastrophe and war and disease, corrupt government and evil markets, but far fewer people die as a result of these events in modern time)

I'm confident that we face a terrible crisis ahead of us, part from corrupt government, part from evil markets and corporate empires, part from religious fervor and heightened fears of "them" and especially from technology and what it may do to speed up or slow the fall. but after that I believe those of us who survive will find ourselves in a new world. where we are more free and enlightened toward the human condition more so than we are now, and as such reestablish institutions and systems that better serve humanity and bring us back to the core value of what it means to be a human, rather than a consumer.

And I know we will all have our parts to play.

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  1. video clip of interview with Alex Jones!