Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Just a bit something for right now...

As promised the photo of the Jason Voorhees mask I tattooed on Amber... if not a bit late.
No Spotlight really on it; had a lot of fun, used experimental techniques on this piece that worked really well and led to this piece:
The Bruce Campbell/Ash color portrait. first attempt at something like this. though I have had a lot of pieces of similar complexity working up to this piece. almost ready to take on a real portrait!

ok. so this isn't much of a post, I know. and I've been getting some flak from a few friends in regard to the fact that I haven't posted anything here for a while. my bad. I hope to make this location the center of all of my work in general. you will seeing more stuff this Thursday, as well as smaller posts through the week.

Upcoming: I have been working on my comic, Maze #3, finished with the pencils now and just starting the inking... I'll show some samples of that as well as have other news regarding the the Chop Shop Comics crew gearing up to retake the local Phoenix indy scene!  


  1. Your work will never stop amazing me! Glad that's on my arm! ~Amber~

  2. Looking good bro. Glad to see you are cranking out the maze.