Thursday, June 30, 2011

Some old Stuff

These are some pieces of mine that are quite old actually. At least 10 years old, actually. But I still like them, and figure it would be fun to show them off.

This first one is called "Mech Hed" which came from a sheet of sketches of cyborg skeleton parts, I guess inspired by various things like "Terminator" and H.P. Lovecrafts "Necronomicon"

This Piece, call "View from Trin" is based on a sci-fi story Davin Yant and I had been working on years ago. This was a composite that included 3 different media. The foreground is all pen and ink, the nebula space effects were done in watercolor and the planets were done in 3ds max (r3).

This next piece titled "Elf-Mage"was envisioned as card art for the Magic: The Gathering card game. I didn't have any card mechanics or anything much beyond the drawing, but that was the motivation behind it.

This last piece, called  "Shadow Ninja" is not of Raiden, though I do see the similarities, and surely the character from Mortal Kombat had some influence, but I was looking more for the traditional "rice hat" kind of look that has gotten more popular lately fro ninjas, like in "The Warriors Way" I still think this is a bad ass character tho, and someday hope to use him in something. The idea is that the Ninja is actually dead, but haunts the armor he wore. So for the purposes of story, if someone were to fight this guy, their bullets or blades would pass through the black spaces. The armor has to be destroyed in order to defeat the spirit.
-oh, and the cool "elephant skin" border was made by scanning a piece of tinfoil that was crumpled up and then flattened back out.
So there is a sample of some of my older pieces. I have posted some of these images elsewhere, like older sites and on my Deviant Art page.
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  1. I totally remember that robot skull up at the top! And I have seen some of the other stuff on the old Chop Shop comics site.

  2. Yup. I've posted these online before. but wanted to get them up here as well, as I'm starting to get some decent traffic.