Monday, December 19, 2011

Graphic Design: Business Cards

Before getting into tattoos, I did a lot of graphic design, and use those skills everyday when I am designing tattoos fro people, or working on a variety of projects. most of my professional background and official schooling is centered around graphic design (though I was a 3d animation major, that too was design)

I have been doing a lot of design work lately, most of which is commissioned work I can't yet show. I did however wanted to show off some of the most common private design work I do; business card design. and some t-shirt designs I would love to have hung up in my closet. after christmas (the timing is stupid, I know that) I'll work on adding some t-shirt designs to my cafe press store.

I have decided to separate this graphic design segment into a series of posts, spread it out a bit,  and then I can put more commentary into each section. This week will be the business cards, t-shirts next week, and more stuff after that! This may end up being a 4-5  post "mini series" segment. I will also use that time to put together a new tattoo post.

and as a small bonus, an album cover design.

A design for a Viking Folk Metal band, I had a lot of fun with this.

Business Cards - I cannot say how accurate the info is that is shown on these cards.

The Original Jade Monkey Design

The Comic house my friends and I started, the website has been down for some time tho.
Designed for a friend.

Some concrete guy.

Done my brother in law, who was starting an odd job kind of business with a friend of his.

Some of the Card designs I did while working at Artistic tattoo.
I always loved this look.

My first personal tattoo card.

This design was for my Tattoo Teacher.

This is a card design I never really got to use as I left Artistic shortly after finishing this. nice that  it gets a little time in the public view, I really like it (my current card is based of this design)

I really enjoy designing business cards, they are small, but have to communicate so much and are a vital part of anyone's personal marketing. A great challenge for any designer. If you don't have a card you're not very serious about what you do, and if your card looks boring or ill-conceived, then  you will seem that way as well. A business card is very often your first impression, and thus, your only one.

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