Friday, December 23, 2011

100th Blog Post!!!

I have done 100 of these blog posts and I think that is pretty cool. For a couple years, I've managed to keep this blog going, sometimes well, and sometimes not, but I've managed to keep it alive, and I hear a few people even check it out from time to time. I think I will keep this up, the blogging thing. though at the moment, I have very little to say, just more work to do.
I am exhausted, weary and overworked, and though at times all the odds seem against me, I would not trade my life for anything.

Thanks to everyone who reads my crap,and double thanks to all those people out there that let me draw on them permanently, you are more than clients or collectors, you are all friends, and also where I get all my good blog posts from.

There will be more Collector Spotlights (including a few about the collector as much as the work) and Design Galleries. Maybe a bit less political commentary and more philosophical musings. And of course the odd ball drawing or pic I feel like posting up. Instead of making crazy plans on how to maximize the blogpage, I think I will just keep up with what I've got going, and try to do it better,

Merry Christmas, good night, and see you on here next year!

Buddha in OM

As always, we've got to have a picture! This piece is available for tattoo, or something like it. 
Just give me a call! (602) 791-8396

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  1. Wow, I cant believe there have been 100 post so far and Ive read them all and even been the subject as well. I have seen many tats that you featured in person and have to say the pictures dont do them justice.