Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Robot Invasion WIP

       So here are the sketch and outline pics of George's Robot Invasion aspect of his robo-sleeve. You can see where the original sketches in the previous post influenced the final concept. Done mostly "on the fly" once I was able to talk to George more about the concept and what context he wanted to do the robot sleeve he had in mind, I started drawing it out to as a column composition, staggering the points of interest as the design moved down his arm. Drawn as two seperate compositions, then worked into each other for the main layout. We then narrowed it all down to this drawing, adjusting features a few times, and working out the details as the final composition came to life.

I liked how the buildings separated the scene and gave it some added depth and  atmosphere.

      A fun piece tho! I barely noticed I was working. it just felt like good old project style art, and the opportunity to pick a thing and do it all day long.

Taken with my phone cam. Focus sucks, but I hope it get's the point across.
      Of course, I will post more on this pieces progress' likely reposting all of this when it's done as a spotlight.
After it's healed, we'll get into shading and blacks. notice only the robots have been hardlined, and the buildings and smoke have been left in a rough stage, this way, when it's healed, I will be able to play with teh focus and intensity of the building and smoke shading, adding more depth to the piece.

       As a side note. I'll be posting at odd times, when I have the chance, instead of waiting for the update day, then not having time. Of course, I could premake the posts, work on them through the week, do 'em up all polished and pro and keep a schedule... I know, I thought of it too, it would be great.. But then, in reality, it's just not going to happen that way. Not the way my schedule is now. Not unless I start actually getting some traffic, but I'm content to the few views I get a day, and I certainly enjoy getting to pour my nonsense into the interweb blogospheres. So I'll keep feeding this page as much as I can when I can.

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