Sunday, July 24, 2011

Collector Spotlight #7: Elizabeth Ross' "Skull Princess"

Two Collector Spotlights, back to back... I dont know if the last one really counts, kind of a cheat really... anyway. I'm building momentum here...

This piece was done a while ago, and though I dont have progress pictures (not sure if I took them or not) it's still a great piece, and this one in particular, shows off a lot of line detail.
So this is the design. based off a pirate princess design provided by Elizabeth, we modified quite a bit, then mirrored the design for perfect symmetry.

 And the finished design. took about four sessions if I remember right. There is a small tribal design right above the crown, I didn't do that part, but you'll see it in the other pics.

Some closeup shots. I have always loved extreme detail in art, and just cant help to push what can be fit into a tattoo to it's limits.

This piece was done at Artistic Tattoo. I am currently working on a Gargoyle Pirate Princess on Elizabeth, progress of that can be tracked on my facebook.

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