Sunday, July 24, 2011

Collector Spotlight #6: Various

These are pieces I did mostly at Artistic, a few years back now. Pretty much all of these were already prepared so it makes for an easy post today.

Matching Bentley Logos for Mark Bentley and his dad I was always really happy with how these turnedout. first time I had to do the same exact design twice. (only happens by request)

Carlos' Celtic Cross design. The initial "fix" we've since added color to the piece. but these pics shows how I had to redo and finish the design.

Ok. So Heathers Cameo isn't very old... just finished it a few months ago... the frame itself took like 3 hours to complete. the pic is a reproduction of a caricature that was done of Heather's mom (I think)

This one is also not very old at all. AK's Cross and Praying hands. All healed up.

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