Monday, July 18, 2011

Thinking about organization...

I am thinking I should start another, separate blog for family, personal stuff. I'm finding that I am posting the same shit in four different places online, and it's kinda lame.... I think I need each different "stop" to feature different content. Of course, I will keep a portfolio on Facebook and G+. And Deviant Art is great for posting imagery, but I like the "blog" aspect where I can put commentary to my work, and show all the stages. that doesnt seem to go over as well on other sites, cause people tend to spend a few seconds looking at each persons "thing" for the day. I seem to get real eyeball time with the blog... BUT I dont know if people that are coming here to look at art and stuff, really want to deal with pics of my kid, or political bullshiting. so maybe I will make another Blog, one for Family stuff (oddly I think it would be fun) and maybe keep the politics and philosophy on twitter and facebook.

But I dont know...

If G+ can actually combine a lot of stuff, that would be so awesome!

Enough! I have too much to do, to be dorking around here, wondering how many damn blogs I'm not going to update regularly. Ha!

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  1. Yea, well that one way to look at. Or you could just post on one, then you would have more to update with. It all depends on what you want this blog to be about. Is this about Levi the person, or Levi the Product (could not think of a better word, You know what I mean by Product)I guess what I'm trying to say; is that you have to decide what this blog is about and set your self some rules about what you can post here. If you find you self with stuff to post and it does not meet the guide lines, and if there is an abundant amount of stuff; then you start one for all the other stuff. And at the very least you can tell every one that there is new stuff at the other blog.