Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Liberty's Montana Adventure!

Yes, here it is. FINALLY. We got the pics all sorted and the videos uploaded. Now it's time to show off Liberty's First trip to Montana.
Aside from the incredibly horrible experience of flying to Montana (the way back was worse) we had a really great time! My Dad more than just helped out with our expenses, he made the whole trip happen, all just to see this little girl he calls Granddaughter.

When we got into Livingston, my home town, it was the night of July 4th. Even though we got to see some fireworks from the plane and on the way into town, we arrived at my Uncle George's place just in time to catch the local fireworks finale. One of the best fireworks shows I've ever seen (it probably helped we were 500 yards from where they were launching them). Sorry there are no pics of the fireworks awesomeness, I think we were just glad to be done with our travel.

Afterward we hung out and did some visiting with Family. (LtoR: Me, My brother Colt, Cousin Tristan, Aunt Michelle, Uncle George, and the back of Cousin Seth's head).

And then of course, what the whole trip was really about. Introducing my Dad to his Grandbaby. I've never seen this man more happy than when he saw Liberty, it was quite a big deal, especially for a family that has been through, and lost so much...

But we had lots more adventuring to do, and only a short time to do it!
Grandma dancing with her new Grandbaby. My Mom had already seen Liberty on a previous trip to Phoenix, but Libby had grown so much, it was like meeting her all over again. My Mom tells me that I got her baby girl, I guess I did. Years ago she predicted that my first kid would be the girl she always wanted... I guess Mom's ARE right... most of the time. ha!
 Speaking of Mom's. Cant leave out this one, and her genius baby!
I'm serious about that genius baby bit. Just to show how genius my baby IS! She put that wicker purse on her own arm... she did have a hard time figuring out how to put stuff in the purse, but getting them out wasn't a problem at all. ha!
A few more pics of Liberty. I know I am biased, but through the entire trip, random people kept telling us how beautiful and well behaved Liberty is. (she sat through a 6 hour delay in the airport better than her Mom did.)
Grandpa gave her some ice cream, which she liked a lot, though not as much as the Mountain Dew that her Grandma gave her....
But we wont be letting her have any more Soda... now Liberty lunges and grabs for every can in her reach.

Liberty's Great-Grandma Doris. This pic was taken on the same step that I was sat on 30 years ago (I'll post pics of all that later). Dawn and I figured out at this point how to get Liberty to smile when we want her to. Dawn sings a phonetic version of the abc's song, which Liberty just loves hearing.  And we also had to make faces like this...
...and sometimes Liberty took a dive while posing for pictures. (almost) everything this little girl does is adorable.

And a couple of vids to prove it:
Liberty playing peek-a-boo on the plane.

And Liberty Laughing at Mommy Making piggy sounds.

We had a great time on this trip. Even though we didn't get to see everyone (sorry), and the flights to and from weren't very enjoyable (tho Liberty didn't mind) It was the best trip we have made to Livingston, and I'm sure we'll be making that trip a lot more often.

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  1. She's soo cute!! I love the blog! Also, I got a cute vid of her throwing a fit to get to Dawn's soda from the other night!!