Sunday, January 1, 2012

Buckle up! 2012 is here!

Welcome to the last year of the Mayan Calendar Long Count! 

Not an end as some would like to believe, but a beginning to a new Era, a new year, and new opportunities. This is the time to let change take root and find new ways to old problems, and to face the coming challenges with renewed strength and purpose. Who knows what we'll all face in this most anticipated of years.

Or just get on with it... and don't let the bullshit get too thick.

Got a few pieces here I did at the end of the year to show, so lets get on with the art!

Lion King Icon from the play.

Work In Progress - A Celtic knot halfsleeve.

Started this a couple years ago, once It's done I'll do a Spotlight on  the piece.

Speaks for itself.

Throat Chackra on the foot.

Little snowflake

Skull and flowers.

Batman/Nightwing/Robin Tribute

And that's it. the first post of the year, and some cool pieces to check out. I've got some big pieces in the works, I'll save those until they are more complete and use them for some collector spotlights down the road.

Thanks for reading! We'll see you all Thursday!

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  1. The Ads... You may notice that there are google ads now on the blog. getting some traffic, and trying to make a buck to feed my family, so however you feel about those ads, they are here to stay. Thank you for your tolerance.