Friday, October 26, 2012

And on it goes.

So I have been working on the childrens book that Davin Yant and I started a few years ago. I think we're actually going to get this sucker finished out. we've also added Dawn, My Wife and special education teacher to help us work the right kind of lesson info into the book. Yes, the plan is to have the book educational, and yet cool at the same time. Without getting all Dr. Seuss on it. (I too, love Dr. Seuss, calm down.) Edutainment, that is where it's at these days. I really think it's a bad ass property and I'm excited to see it reach fruition. it is so cool in fact, I'm still not ready to show anything about it or even breathe it's name on the interwebs. not until we're ready.

Anyway, along with the children's book, I am still working on my AfterWorld comic, almost ready to put another page up, but I'm not going to rush it. I've been setting a day to work out specific projects now, and not trying to work on all of them at once (simply doesn't work that way, no matter how hard I try) And I'm still putting together designs for tattoo commissions. though I haven't done anything for the CreateMyTattoo page in a few weeks.

So much work, and so little to show... yet.

I still have tattoo pics though! Don't think I'm holding out. not much of an Art blog if there isn't any art!

Here's a pic of some lettering I have done recently. still have more to do with it, filling some of the empty pace with more filigree and spirals I think. Still Pretty Cool I think...
The upper lettering is healed, while the lower pic is of fresh ink.

And a another piece I've been working on for a little while, some machinery behind exposed ribs and torn skin. This design is derived off of another tattoo the client brought me, but i changed it a good deal to keep it custom.. We still have a session or two in this one, but it's still turning out nicely.

The bronze look is to give the piece a steampunk feel. 

And Finally for today, this is an outline drawing for a custom request that never came back, too bad too, I had wicked plans for this piece. Not that I'm into pokemon, or skyrim, and regardless how well I think those work together I thought the design was pretty cool. again, based on the clients concepts.
Goes to show how well even odd elements can fit together.
Thanks for reading!
Maybe I'll post a comic page next time. that's what I would like to see.

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