Friday, October 12, 2012

Another Day

So I have been taking on a lot of projects lately, doing work for the website which is always a lot of fun and killer challenge, though I cant show much of the work online, more as a benefit to the collector until they get their tattoo, then I hope to post pics of my design with the tattooed result - by other artists around the world, which is pretty cool. I recent finished a back-piece design for a guy in Australia. One of the miracles of the internet… These two pics are not sold designs, but "rejects"

A piece I did then later withdrew. I have plans for this one.

This was a piece that wasn't chosen on the CMT website, that I still really liked.

I’m still working on this new comic whenever I get a moment. I figure I’ll finish out this first segment, and then start posting the pages here, it’ll give me something regular to post and hopefully get me back onto this blog… but I don’t want to try to fit it to a schedule right now. There’s just so much going on, I hate feeling guilty for missing a scheduled post, and besides, it's been a lot of fun just working on a comic with a more relaxed attitude, I'm enjoying the process I have going, and don't want to mess with it.

Of course I’m always tattooing, always working on improving my work and learn about the craft. I've gotten to do some really fun stuff lately that I’ll be posting more images of here. Today’s pic is from a childhood favorite that I still love. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were a favorite thing to draw when I was a kid, and the action figures were second only to G.I.Joe. As I got into making and self-publishing comics, TMNT served as a beacon and an inspiration that it could be done. So doing this piece in particular was a special treat for me.


I’m thinking of putting art pics up here on the blog exclusively, not just to draw more peeps here, but also to save me time from posting shit all over the web. I’m all for the social-network scene, but I’m getting tired of maintaining a handful of profiles to stay “engaged” I've delved a good deal into the inner working of social networking, and much of it has been a great help, but I don’t have a staff to manage this shit. I also just want to utilize the blog aspect and maybe build this off into something more. We’ll see…

            I've managed to resist my fiendish addiction to minecraft (mostly), mainly with the help of an older, deeper addiction for Magic: The Gathering. The game just keeps getting better, especially the newest set, Return to Ravinca. One of the things that got me into the game was the card art, and this latest set has not disappointed  I would love to do more Magic themed tattoos... and I’m sure I've mentioned before, I would love to do art for some magic cards. maybe someday, but I'll have to start painting a lot more than I do now.

Speaking of painting, I have a couple pieces in a gallery this month, I've posted about it already. Pretty cool. I didn't make it to the opening though, and I’m not sure I’ll even get go to see them in the gallery at all. We’ll see. But likely I’ll just stay at home or work and draw more stuff. 

Finally the weather changes, and Phoenix gets to cool off a bit. I'm looking forward to it. My daughter is doing well, and learning at an incredible rate. some of the things she does just blows my mind. a 22 month old that knows 6 shapes, counts to ten if we count with her, and will ask where the dog is if she cant find her. I cant wait for halloween, this year its going to be a lot of fun running about with Liberty, teaching her how to 'trick or treat'.
I wanted to work in a comment about politics from time to time, without getting to caught up or alienating anyone. Though I am generally following the election, I think we're generally doomed regardless how it turns out. but hey, what can you do? I wont be voting this year, It's all a bunch of shit anyway. and I've got shit to draw.

Thanks for reading! see you soon.

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