Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More and more.

I just recently read an article online about building more focus and getting more done. The overall idea was pretty solid; keep to one goal at a time. I have this problem. I am always trying to do 10 different projects at once, then it ends up being some massive task to finished even half of the projects on time, and something always gets set aside in the fray. I'm not so bad at this anymore, as I naturally ended up doing what the article said, and just tried to do less, and put more time into it. So far it's been working really well, and it seems I have a bit more time actually. AND I'm getting the stuff I need done, finished in a timely fashion.

well... mostly. ha!

Anyway, I've got a few pieces to show today, some stuff I've been working on the past few days. Lots of big projects, and not much finished, but they are turning out bad ass, so I figured I would show them off here and give you people something new to look at for your time. Lets see if we cant get more people to visit this old blog eh?

First we have a cover up I did here for a local model, Cat Ward. Turned out pretty good. I was really happy with how well this piece covered the old tattoo, and the design really fits the collector. I think she'll have more options now with her modeling, now that she doesn't have to hide her old crappy tattoo.

The design itself was drawn by the collector. I just made a few adjustments for the cover up.

This piece, on the Piercer, Brent at Artistic Tattoo, is something we have been working on for a couple years. My first head tattoo, initially, we didn't want to go overboard, but now, we're going all the way. The tattoo already covers his entire head, though all we worked on redoing today was the back. We still have to add more color to this dragon though before we move on the other three, and then the Foo Lions on his temples.
He'll have fun sleeping on this one! ha!
Next here is the Island paradise shoulder piece I've just recently started. Originally we had done the fish and the hummingbird with a bit of a water line. a year or so later, and we are now expanding on the piece. The majority of the design is done. all we really have left to do is the sunset/sky aspect, which is the major element in the entire piece, there will be highlights from the sunset on the palm trees, mountains, lighthouse and a bit in the water when we're done.

Notice the subtle yin yang behind the bird.
I have noticed that over the past three or four months, I have gotten a lot faster with my work, since the Timeless Ink Tour, when I did the "Death is a Machine" piece, I seemed to break free of something, and now feel a lot more comfortable moving faster, and more importantly, working in longer blocks of time. Before, it seemed that two hours on a piece and I was ready to stop. Now, depending on the piece and the collectors tolerance, I can go for 5-6 hours without much trouble. With time and experience, I'm really starting to feel like a seasoned professional at this whole tattoo thing. Incidentally, I marked my 7th year tattooing on the 1st of October, so it's about time. ha!

Finally, we have a piece that will be the cornerstone of a full sleeve. The collector already has a few older pieces on his arm, but with this design and the other designs I have in mind, we'll be transforming his arm of random stuff into a hell of a piece that will be a testament to his faith and struggles.

This part, a chess battle between good and evil - I have the chess board breaking up as the Black Queen shatters just before she can take the White King. and a floating White Knight in the foreground to emphasize the predominance of good. Still have a ways to go, shading of the chess pieces as well as building up more of the line work and adding marbling detail to the tiles. so far I'm really happy with this design and where it's going next. I'm even considering making an actual chess set based off the designs for this tattoo. I think it would be a lot of fun... but only when I have more time...
Still so much to do
So that's it for now. I have a ton of work that still needs posting, old and new. and once I get a few other things squared away and off the list, I'll work on a few more collector spotlights.

but then, one thing at a time...
thanks for reading!

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