Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Just a few things to look at...

A few recent drawings to show off. These are pieces I submitted in Contests for the CreateMyTattoo website that did not get chosen. There are a few more, and I imagine I will continue to post these here, and begin collecting them into an artbook. One of my uses for the CMT site, is a motivation for me to build a larger collection of work to produce into art books, and not have it all full of skulls and comic strips. Of course, I wont show everything here, otherwise, you wouldn't have to buy the artbook.

On another note, I do accept custom tattoo commissions, if you are interested in having me design your tattoo feel free to send me an email and we can set something up!
Celtic Guitar and Mech Wings

Simple Cherry Blossom Branch

Another Cherry Blossom Branch

I figured I would post these up, since the blog posts I have been working on, I am still working on. this was at least to put something up of interest, while I continue to juggle my many projects and finish those other, more in depth posts.

I appreciate your patience!

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