Sunday, January 8, 2012

The new thing.

I've been working on some bigger more elaborate posts. (A collector spotlight, and an extensive essay about my love for the game Magic:The Gathering) however, my time has been pulled away by a particular website that allows artists to compete for design commissions. and I'm kind of addicted. For one; I am getting paid for the designs, another; the commissions are international so my work can spread around the world a bit more, and finally; the competition and interaction between the artists and the contest holders is a lot of fun. I can take on challenging pieces, or easy ones, and there are plenty to choose from.

I hope the folks at don't mind I'm using a screenshot of their main page.
I am after all giving them quite an endorsement.

If you are an artist and you're looking for a way to earn some money, I recommend checking this site out. be aware though, competition is fierce, and skill is king. the top rated artists are there for a reason (and though I'm climbing the list, I'm not there, yet.) if you want to get paid, you have to work. and the deadlines can be brutal.

I really feel though that I'm improving faster that I have been in a while. My work is faster, cleaner, and on time for both the site and my appts. cant complain about that.

If I'm not designing tattoos for my own work,or tattooing, I have been designing pieces for this site, and though I've tried to work on the many other projects I have (this blog, the comic strip, my comic, sketchbook #3, finishing my portfolio) this damn site has me locked in more than any video game or diversion ever could. it's also why I haven't been on facebook as much, or my other social media. I'm just drawing... I'd like to show some of the pieces I've sold, but I really can't, they don't belong to me, and I'd rather not put them online in a public way. Some of the designs where I didn't win the commission, I am posting in the marketplace flash section of the website, or will be collecting in the next art book. And like the buddha a few weeks back, i will post some here.

I am also more comfortable accepting general design/drawing commissions so if anyone is interested in getting some custom designs, hit me up.

Once I get more pics of my recent work processed, I  will post them here. also these other posts I have been carefully putting together. I want them to be just right.


  1. hey... you submitted for my tattoo design... unfortunately create my tattoo won't let me choose two winners.. i was the wings with celtic guitar contest... i chose another as the main winner for his guitar design BUT i was wondering if i could pay you $20 to get your wings and combine the two... if possible would you mind mirror imaging the wings? just because your swept wing design was freakin badass and i couldn't get beyond that... so i REALLY want to use it in my tattoo... please contact me

  2. I emailed you a reply, but it got returned to me.

  3. sorry man, I felt it was more of a benefit to me to keep the design.