Thursday, January 26, 2012

New New New!

Man, there is a lot going on. Some of it I can talk about, and some I can't. What I can talk about is the new stuff I got going on personally. (Jade Monkey News comes out this sat).

I joined another tattoo commission website, though I haven't gotten into it quite yet. It looks pretty cool so far, but I'm still not ready to endorse it yet.

Slowing down on the site, just have too many projects going on, even though I'm still adding more to the pile, I need to make sure I dont thin myself out too much.

This drawing is not new. But it is cool! Sorry Mignola!

Got some new products on the cafepress store, and took some down. There is also a store button added to the blog under the header. I plan to add more of the artwork I've produced as various products... you know... merchandising. Though it would be ideal to have a higher quality production ability, that will just have to come later. I can't wait anymore to put this stuff out and get you to buy it!
Check out the stickers especially. I will be adding a bunch more of those!

Also getting the latest Art Book put together, it's going to big, and the largest collection of my work to date. I'm excited to have one just for myself. but that may still take a few months. It all depends how the next few weeks go.

Somehow, I will also get the next weeks strip done for ASleightOfMind, thankfully Kenny is there to help out.

And I actually have a Collector spotlight! Not the one I had planned, but a great piece to show off anyway.

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